Randyland is whimsical, colorful house located on the Mexican War Streets in the north side of Pittsburgh. The owner, Randy Gilson, bought this house in 1996 and ever since then has created a wonderland of art, creativity and inspiration. People from all over the world visit Randyland everyday to enjoy Randy's universe. In addition, Randy also has planted 800 gardens around Pittsburgh. He continues to be a shining light of positivity to anyone who passes through. But don't take my word for it. Take a peek inside.
From her high rise apartment in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Mary Dippolito sits back in her recliner, draped with insight and patriotism. Her hands are moving and her mind is going, as she shares a glimpse into her life. A life with loss and how she uses her experiences to help others.
The attorneys representing the victims in the Adrenaline Mob tour vehicle accident talk about the conditions of their clients.
Shot with the iPhone are scenes from the PIAA Class 2A Swimming Championships at Bucknell University.
U.S. Marine veteran Edward Zimmerman was in the middle of a 1968 siege on Khe Sanh combat base in South Vietnam. He discovered something that has been on his mind for over 40 years . And his mission begins.